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A Higher Way of Being and Thinking

The [Level 1] teachings I feel are so what everyone needs. It's just a higher way of being and thinking. This world would be so amazing if everyone could live according to those teachings.


A Life Changing Experience!

[The Level 1 Class] definitely was a life changing experience. I feel like I learned so much about myself.


Really Amazing

It seems really amazing and things are starting to look brighter.

Amy Z

Light and Clear

Feeling light and clear like after a good detox.


So Grateful!

I am so grateful to Shiraz - I have truly never been so happy and peaceful.


So Much Lighter

Feeling so much lighter without the laundry list of grievances and remembered conflicts. Very grateful.

Annelies Reeves

Excellent Facilitator!

Brings together the right kind of people for this journey. Shiraz is an excellent facilitator and teacher, not the mention energy mover/healer

Wil Carlos

Tripled My Income

I have been working with Shiraz for the last 4 years, now. In that time, not only have i moved my practice from my home to into a clinic of my own, but i have also tripled my income, and have done so while finally being able to travel a few times, out of the country, which is something I never thought would be possible in such a short time. I highly recommend his services for anyone who needs a boost and is open minded enough to apply the information received and work with the shifts!

Chantal Milot

Life-Changing Experience

Working with Shiraz is a life-changing experience. His ability to read my energy and clear and shift unhealthy patterns in my life has created many new paths for me. I feel more confident in my abilities and believe in myself more. I have only been working with Shiraz for about a year - I still have more work to do, but the improvements in my life are fantastic.

Monica Winkler

Amazing Intuition

A couple of sessions with Shiraz have literally changed my life. He has the ability to get at the real heart of the matter within moments. Amazing intuition. Highly recommend his services.

Genevieve Bee

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