The Power Of#Energetic magic...

"Energetic Magic is an energy modality based on the premise that your beliefs create your reality."

The problem people have with their beliefs is that 99% of them are present at a subconscious level and are often in opposition to their conscious goals. The beliefs we've created, for the most part, are designed to keep us safe. Unfortunately, being safe doesn't mean being happy. For instance, suppose you want to be a singer, but you have a subconscious belief that the more people that know about you, the greater the danger to your life. The further you try to get in your career the more that belief will assert itself to keep you safe.

This results in bad decisions, illness, deals falling through, and a variety of outcomes to make sure too many people don't know about you. However, because the belief is subconscious, you don't even know it's there, so you assume what you're doing is wrong and you try to course correct your career with different promotions, songs, associates, etc.. You try to solve a problem that doesn't exist while the real problem subverts all of your actions. With Energetic Magic, we go to the core beliefs and destroy them. Once they're gone, your life flows more easily. You may even find that things that didn't work before do now. Clients often describe the change as magical, which is how Energetic Magic got its name.

So How Does Energetic Magic Work?

Energetic Magic has three components: Discussion, Energetic Touch, and Energetic Infusions
Life Coaching

With Energetic Magic, you discuss your problem with a facilitator who asks you questions about your life and beliefs. Whenever your conscious beliefs are out of harmony with your unconscious ones, it shows up in your energy, and this is visible to people who know what to look for. (You are essentially lying to yourself.) When the facilitator sees an issue, he can drill down on it to find the core belief or beliefs and make you aware of them. Once you are aware, you're given the choice to destroy those beliefs. When that decision is made and the belief is destroyed, clients often feel a physical shift or sensation in their bodies. Examples are a feeling of lightness, a change in body temperature, an emotional surge, a decrease in anxiety, and more.

We've accumulated years and years of beliefs so sometimes change occurs bit by bit over several sessions, but other times, when a big belief is destroyed, huge changes can occur for a client overnight or even right in the life coaching session. The sessions can feel like traditional life coaching sessions, but because of the energy clearing and energy shifting, clients tend to have bigger results much faster. Energy healing can also take place during a session, but not in the traditional sense. Instead of trying to heal the problem, you find the belief that is causing the problem and destroy it. This allows your body to then heal itself. Furthermore, with the source of the illness gone, the illness tends not to come back.

Life Coaching can be done in-person or online and are just as powerful either way. Most sessions use just this technique

Energetic Touch

Like other energy healing modalities, this technique involves touching a person to deal with an issue. The facilitator will use energy healing to the situation in your body. The difference is this technique can be used to deal with non-physical issues as we often can create a physical sensation or discomfort in our bodies in response to a mental or emotional issue. Much the same way that a facilitator reads where you are out of harmony with your beliefs in a Life Coaching session, he can see where your body is out of harmony and shift the energy to bring you back into balance.

As with the Life Coaching, clients often feel physical sensations when this technique is used. Unlike Life Coaching, there need not be a discussion about the issue. It can simply be dealt with.

Energetic Infusions

With this technique, you ask for something you'd like to bring into your life. The facilitator brings the energy of the thing in and aims it at you. If you're willing to receive the energy it will infuse your body and your body will collapse. The important thing with this technique is that the facilitator cannot make the energy go in you; you must accept it. If you’re not in a place to receive the energy then you won’t collapse and you’ll realize that you have a block in this area. The facilitator can then address that block with you.

It is a weird but wonderful feeling when an energetic infusion happens. This technique has resulted in money windfalls, new relationships, and instantaneous healing for some people.

Can energetic magic be taught?

Absolutely! Shiraz offers courses so you can learn this technique and use it for yourself and others. Everyone has the capacity to use Energetic Magic, they just need the awareness of how to use it. There are currently three levels of instruction with more to come.
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